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Welcome to code(With: “Jan”); My name is Jan (obviously) and my task is to teach you how to become a full-stack web developer from scratch.

All I need is just 12 hours of your time and you’ll learn how to create your own discussion platform.

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CSS Conflicts: How CSS Resolves Contradicting Declarations

In this article, I will explain how CSS conflicts are resolved automatically in the browser, what are the concepts for solving issues with contradicting declarations and how to quickly override the default behavior. Do you prefer video? https://youtu.be/Lh3caSGghpY There are three possible places where you can have your CSS styles defined: It can be inside…

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Mastering SQL Basics: A Quick Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

In this tutorial, I will show you the basics of Structured Query Language, also known as SQL. We’ll install together Database Management System as a part of the LAMP stack via XAMPP and I will explain how to use MySQL Command Line Interface in Terminal (or Command Prompt) to communicate directly with your databases without…

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iOS Development #10: If & Else Conditionals

A conditional is the ability to determine an outcome based on a given condition. We are used to making decisions based on certain conditions. For example, if we feel great, we’ll go for a walk, if we feel bad, we’ll stay in the bed. Conditional is a powerful programming feature that brings us flexibility and complex…

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JavaScript Basics #8: Strings

In the previous article, we assigned a string to a variable (let myName = ‘Jan’;). Now, let’s see how to concatenate and interpolate strings. Concatenation Concatenation is a fancy word for combination, and it’s performed with a + operator. It allows us to combine two string values even if they are stored in variables: let myFavoriteBrand =…

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JavaScript Basics #7: Methods & Properties

Let’s focus on the console.log() for a bit now. The log() part is a method, which is a special kind of function. We will discuss functions and methods later, but since we use this one so frequently, I wanted you to know in the advance what it is. Each time you create a new piece of data in a…

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