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Amit Kulkarni
It was a wonderful series. I've learnt a lot about Docker in a very fun way. The classes were fun! I would definitely recommend this course for everyone who wants to understand Docker, volumes, images, links... and many more.
Amit Kulkarni
Amit Kulkarni — about Docker & Docker Compose for Beginners course


Udemy students are pretty happy with my work.

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Programming is poetry and lifestyle. It's also a necessary skill for the next decade. Everything is evolving very fast and it's important to stay in the loop, to update your knowledge, to constantly learn new ideas and technologies.

Are you up for some serious learning experience? Are you willing to dive deep and truly master programming? I hope you are and I will do my best to help you on your journey.

We're in this together. I'm still at the beginning, learning the process, making mistakes. I'm fighting the fight each day. Let's support each other, exchange experience and learn to become better every day.

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