JavaScript Basics #1: Introduction

JavaScript Basics #1: Introduction
Jan Zavrel
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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an essential programming language supported by all modern browsers. It is crucial for anyone who wants to become a web developer to understand this web technology that’s expected to grow as a critical part of the modern web.

JavaScript is an important part of the core components for building web apps. HTML is responsible for the structure of the web, CSS is responsible for its style, and JavaScript adds interactivity.

Simply put, JavaScript became extremely popular and mass-adopted because it made it possible to turn web browser from simple readers of HTML documents into full-fledged application platforms that can run anything, even games like DOOM.

Here are some more reasons why JavaScript rules the modern web:

  1. Easily integrates with HTML and CSS.
  2. Adds interactivity to websites
  3. Is standardized and frequently updated
  4. Offers wide range of libraries and frameworks for both front-end and back-end development

Is JavaScript worth learning?

Definitely yes!

JavaScript is an excellent choice for beginners who want to start with web development. Its capabilities allow programmers to use it in many different scenarios.

Once you master what is known as “vanilla” JavaScript, you can dive into more complicated frameworks like React. Let’s start making you a JavaScript rockstar!

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