MacBook Pro Developer Edition

MacBook Pro Developer Edition

Will this dream ever come true?

I have a dream. WWDC 2018 is around the corner and I thought that it would be great if Apple unveiled this great machine for us, developers. I mean, what better opportunity can you come up with, that the conference for developers, right?

So, let’s dream! MacBook Pro Developer Edition would be primarily working machine, no fancy gimmicks! I would love 15” screen display, I would love USB ports and most of all, I would love a regular non-butterfly keyboard with a regular non-touchbar function keys row.

I’m still using my good old MacBook Pro Unibody Mid 2011 because it was a beast and it still is a beast.

Unless there’s a 32GB RAM version available, I can see no reason to upgrade, especially not to get worse keyboard and less flexibility regarding inputs.

With the current models, I just wait and hope that my old machine will keep going. Even though I’m familiar with Windows world and use Microsoft Surface Pro regularly, macOS is my choice when it comes to development.

Are you waiting for the upgrade-worthy MacBook as well? What would you like MacBook Pro Developer Edition to be like? Hey, maybe if there’s enough of us, Apple will eventually make it for us :D

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