Six Things to Set on Your New Mac

Six Things to Set on Your New Mac

Getting new Mac is always exciting. I have this opportunity only a few times per decade. Below you will find six things I always do before moving to the installation of my favorite apps.

1. Tap to click

Force Touch is something I will probably never truly appreciate because I always turn on tap to click feature so I don’ actually have to click the trackpad, I just tap it, which is more convenient in my opinion. If you want to have the same functionality, just go to Settings -> Trackpad and check the Tap to click option:

2. Natural scroll direction

This is actually something you don’t need to change if you’re familiar with Macs, iPhones or iPads. For Windows users, though, it might be pretty confusing at first to find out that scrolling works differently. On PC, when you scroll up, the content goes down, on Mac, it goes up because it’s the same behavior as on iPhone and iPad. However, if you don’t like this, you can easily turn it off. Still in Settings -> Trackpad, click the Scroll & Zoom tab and uncheck the Scroll direction: Natural option:

3. App Exposé

This feature is turned off by default, but I turn it on for four fingers because three fingers have yet another function as you’ll see later. Still in Setting -> Trackpad, click the More Gestures tab check App Exposé and select four fingers:

4. Dock magnification

I just like the magnification effect of dock icons. Unfortunately, it’s turned off by default. To turn it on, go to Settings -> Dock, make the size of icons smaller and check the Magnification option:

5. Three finger drag

This is so useful that I can’t imagine working without it. Dragging anything from opened windows to individual elements in the graphics programs without the need to click the Trackpad is a huge time-saver for me. Apple buried this feature deep inside Accessibility settings and whenever you set three fingers for something else in Trackpad settings, this one will get turned off automatically. That’s why we set App Exposé for four fingers.

Go to Settings -> Accessibility, scroll down to Mouse & Trackpad in the left pane and click the Trackpad Options… button:

In the pop-up window that will appear, select Enable dragging and select the three finger drag option:

6. Battery percentage

This one is pretty obvious and very practical. Just a glance on the icon will give you a hint about how much juice you still have. Click the battery icon in the Menu bar and select Show Percentage:

That’s it! I hope it will help you become even more productive with your brand new machine! 🙂

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